They put my light sandwich-shop romance on a stage next to student rage and activism lol

Cast and Directors of “Cinderella in Subway”

The first time I had a script performed was in a university writers’ showcase.

In this writers opinion it was poorly directed and lost a lot of comedic potential. But still amazing to watch your work being reinterpreted.

Someone out there liked it though


“A personal favourite, in Cinderella in Subway Emily Macpherson Smith shines as the humble sandwich artist who acts as the narrator of this comic modern day retelling of Cinderella, set in a Subway.

Whilst on a night out with her self-absorbed and abusive stepsisters, Bill (so named as she is always picking up the bill for her sisters) falls for handsome stranger Cam Prince – the heir to the Subway fortune – after bonding over the perfect sandwich.

The piece is comic throughout, the ugly step sisters and customers adding ample comedic value. The love story is appropriately melodramatic… full of humorous tension” –Alice Olivier, November 12th 2016, Epigram

Its just fun : cinderellainsubwayfinished




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